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Will the prints last long?

Yes. We use high quality materials, modern inks and printing methods so that we can ensure that our posters and other products will not fade for some time.

What can you print on?

Just about anything! Our Flatbed UV printers can print onto substrates up to 64mm thick and 1.6m wide.  We can also print onto roll media up to 2.5mm wide, so perfect for super sized banners.

Standard substrates include PVC, dibond, MDF, artboard, brushed aluminium, cardboard, posters, paper and corflute. Our standard range of roll media includes self adhesive vinyls, vinyl banner & synthetic papers.

Can you send me a sample?

Most definitely!  Contact us via phone or email us and we will post out some print samples to you quick smart!

What are your guidelines for Colour Matching?

Our printing is 4-color process (not spot colour), on a variety of machines depending on the required output. We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) as the basic guide to match spot colours to our process printing.  As we use a number of different types of printing machines and associated media, there will always be some variance from one to the next.

If using Pantone colour matching to produce your own artwork, colours should be matched to the coated 4 colour process chart, not solid colour. While we cannot guarantee exact PMS color matches, we will match them as closely as possible to produce a pleasing representation if not an exact match.

If color proofing is critical, please order a test print proof when putting in your order. It is important that you allow for the extra time needed to have your proof sent to you. A test print is a portion of your image printed at 100% from our large format printers.

If you are using your monitor to choose colours that you want printed, you may be disappointed with the results. This is because your monitor is using the RGB colour space, of which many of the colours produced on screen cannot be replicated in the CMYK printing process.

Our printing rips are set up in such a way that if the document contains PMS colours they will use the PMS look up table which defines how the colours will be printed. Whereas, if the document contains CMYK colour the rip goes to a different look up table and defines the colours in a different way.

Please note that the Flatbed printing process can’t reproduce metallic or fluorescent colours.